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Brand Positioning

Entering a field where you can be authentic. It is, of course, wanting to win. Overcoming sedentary lifestyles, overcoming boredom, overcoming stress, overcoming the pressures of everyday life, overcoming friends to demand a drink and, above all, feeling better about ourselves, day after day.

Play Naturally isn't just about giving it your all, it's about finding the best in everyone. And, in the end, overcoming tiredness with the fresh air of nature that surrounds us.

aroeira tennis & padel entrada do nosso espaço na Herdade da Aroeira, Almada


We have been promoting sport, health and well-being at Herdade da Aroeira since 2012, living by our values: sportsmanship, sustainability, and enjoying the best that life has to offer. As to say: PLAY NATURALLY!

In 2022, we created and implemented Padel, increasing our offer. In addition, we renovated our space to improve the comfort of those who visit us.

In addition to Tennis and Padel, we are multidisciplinary: we organize events, birthday parties, social tournaments, and summer camps. We are a multi-talented team with certified technical resources, always offering the best service with an open smile.

We are a community and a lifestyle. The best part? We've only just begun. 



João Garrido

Business & Marketing Consultant

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