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16th and 17th December 2023 (Sat and Sun)

To celebrate with our Aroeira Tennis & Padel Family, the Christmas tournament is here: where the spirit of solidarity and community will take center stage.


This year we decided to innovate and create an intimate tournament, where you will be randomly selected to one of our coaches' teams and play doubles. The connection between everyone and the sharing spirit will be our top seed. 

The final result is what counts the least, and the winner's prize will be donated to a local institution that will positively impact those who need it most. All participants will be able to Actively participate in this solidarity action (optional), by bringing a food item(s) that will be part of the basket to be donated

Take part in this Christmas celebration as it will be a weekend full of joy, good mood, and healthy competition to continue to foster the union and sense of community. Because that is playing naturally.

Good Games Happy Holidays!

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Find out how the Tournament works




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